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TANGent Golden Yacht Destination: Where Innovative Memes Set Sail on a Journey of a Lifetime through the Crypto Ports of Innovation.

Embarking on a voyage through the tumultuous seas of the crypto world, TANGent Golden Yacht ($YACHT) was forged in the furnace of a vivid imagination, a wave of emotions stirred by a golden yacht joke. This memecoin, a luxurious vessel in the ocean of digital currencies, symbolizes a journey of defiance and opulence. $YACHT is not just a cryptocurrency; it's a rebellious expression, navigating through the waves of satire and community spirit. Anchored firmly in the #TangGang, $YACHT sets sail towards unexplored horizons, embodying the essence of extravagant humor and bold adventure in the cryptographic waters.

Trustless Pier to Pier Cash

$YACHT ensures value flows peer-to-peer with trustless ease, just like a duty-free treasure exchange between fellow sailors on the voyage of a golden yacht.

0% APY: A Feeless Voyage to the Treasure Troves

At TANGent Golden Yacht, our APY is as rare as a golden lemon at a celebratory yacht gathering – it's 0%! No fees, just the allure of golden rewards on this duty-free voyage.

99% Golden Yacht Expansion

Since inception, we've fueled growth by dedicating a resounding 99% to liquidity and setting LP tokens ablaze, creating a bustling duty-free port of abundance within our thriving golden yacht ecosystem.

Token Supply 21,000,000

No Taxes, No Bullshit. It’s that simple. Platform fees earned goes towards a Buy and Burn of YACHT.

How To Buy

YACHT is available thru multiple DEX's and Aggregators on PulseChain

$YACHT Contract Address

Gold Paper: Abstract

A purely pier-to-pier version of electronic cash would allow payments to be sent directly from one passenger to another without signalling the harbour master.

Digital compasses (signatures) chart part of the course, but the journey’s true freedom is lost if a trusted lighthouse is still needed to prevent the chaos of fouled anchors. We solve the double-anchoring with a pier-to-pier network.

The ship’s logbook records transactions, creating a continuous chain of nautical proofs, crafting a ledger that can’t be altered without re-navigating the entire journey.

The most extended voyage serves as a testament to the witnessed transactions and the mighty fleet that powered them.

As long as the majority of the fleet sails with integrity, not joining forces to plunder the supply lines, they will craft the longest, most trusted logbook, leaving adversaries lost at sea.

The fleet sails with a lean crew, broadcasting messages between ships on the open waters, allowing vessels to freely enter or leave the harbor.

YACHT: A pier-to-pier Electronic Cash System

Welcome to The Golden Yacht!